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Poem inspired by me & my gf written on a Monday morning while taking the El from Howard to the Mart and then sent as a text at 10:37 a.m.

A quickly written poem inspired by us:

We perceive the World,
know it is the real world.
Blood shot and swollen,
our eyes look forward,
ever forward,
to glimpse totality
but never hold
its gaze.

We are on a path,
know it is the right path.
Twisting forward,
ever forward,
it drives us apart and draws us
together again.

We see the Earth,
know it is the earth
clinging to our naked feet.
Blood streamed
and clotted,
we walk forward,
ever forward,
upon this monument
to ancient shriveled worms.

We have seen the Sun,
know it is the Sun
that sustains us.
Skin warm and glowing,
we stop to enjoy its light,
that is always everywhere
and always bending
strangely away.

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